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MK Fingerstyle main educational offering is in online courses. These come in different sizes , price points, and serve different purposes, however, they all share the same common features:

  • Online courses are by far the best value-per-content option available for adult students; one-payment with no recurring fees, unlimited access anywhere and anytime, access to partner brand discounts, private community group, and more.

  • Accessing the courses is as easy as: Fill in your contact and payment information, register an account securely with Teachable which is one of the world's leading course hosting platforms, and gain instant access.

  • Your enrollment grants access to all future updates to the course without additional fees

  • Your enrollment is backed up by a 14-day money back guaranteed unless otherwise stated

Free Course!!

Ukulele Bootcamp Ver 2.0 combines the basics from Technique Essentials course and Prep-Grade course to teach you the absolute minimum to start playing songs! in 4 weeks you'll learn how to sit properly, how to play, and learn 3 songs from the Prep-Grade

Repertoire Courses

MK Fingerstyle Academy's flagship course. This is a 5 course bundle that combines Technique Essentials course, Prep-Grade, and Grade 1-3 to provide the ultimate value per content on offer with a major discount

Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics

Ukulele Fretboard Harmony

Learn music theory and apply it to your repertoire. This course is for all levels and is meant for those interested in understanding how music works, and how it affects their interpretation.

Ukulele Scales Pro

This hybrid theory-technique course is for students of all levels looking to use scales to understand melodies better, and as such learn how to play them better (technique) and interpret them musically (theory). The end result is better legato playing, with conscious universal music decisions that enhance your performances

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