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Ukulele Technique Essentials ver 2.0 is the technical bedrock for Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics, my flagship course that graduates from beginner grades to intermediate level.

Playing fingerstyle isn't as straightforward as picking up your ukulele and using your right hand fingers to pick chords one note at a time!

True fingerstyle arrangements include multiple layers at the same time, usually melody and bass, and often with chordal accompaniment to fill in the beats. This multi layer approach makes fingerstyle harder to learn and master

Technique Essentials Ver 2.0 is an affordable standalone course that focuses entirely on the necessary skills, both technical and theoretical, to ensure proper posture, good habits, and proper techniques to enable you to play fingerstyle on the ukulele successfully, without the added bonus of songs to practice those skills.

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What you'll learn in the core 6 modules

Melody - single line of music

Melodic techniques involve right and left hand techniques responsible for playing a single line of music. This is usually done while playing another layer at the same time, which is polyphony.

Polyphony - intervals and chords

Polyphonic techniques involve right and left hand techniques responsible for playing 2 or more strings at the same time. These are usually intervals (some
refer to these as double stops) and block chords

Arpeggio - fingerpicking

Learn how to apply free-stroke to play arpeggios. Finger assignment and whether you should do it or not, and a deeper look into the advanced world of string sets

Understand your ukulele

Learn the part of your ukulele, how to tune, and how to change strings. Simple but necessary!

The basics of posture

Learn proper sitting and holding posture as well as correct left and right hand placement. You'll also learn about nail shapes and maintenance for that perfect tone and volume

Basic theory

Learn how to read tabs, finger naming and indication conventions, as well as the meaning of stem directions in professionally published music

Bonus modules

Advanced techniques

Add flare with harmonics, vibrato, and tone colors

Read standard notation

You finally get to master reading standard notation! a crucial skill to combine with tabs for fingerstyle arrangements to identify layers

Learn rhythm

Learn the ins and outs of reading rhythm (beginner to advanced module)

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4 Modules Included In Your Membership


Learn about the Romantic Period, Chopin, and how you can use this knowledge to interpret specific passages in the piece.

Form Analysis

Analyze the structure of the piece, Rondo form, Waltz Rhythm, Antecedent and Consequent phrases, and how it can impact your interpretation of the Waltz.

Harmonic Analysis

Complete bar by bar analysis of the harmony. Understand how this Waltz fits the Classical period and where it deviates to portray Romantic elements, and how you can make educated decisions on interpretation.

Technical Walkthrough

Complete bar by bar approach to fingerings and the different techniques you'll need to learn this piece. This section uses knowledge from the previous 3 modules to present a complete performer's guide to the Waltz