Ukulele Scales Pro

Learn how to use and interpret scales within repertoire, and the technique required to bring those interpretive decisions to life

  • 40+ Lectures, 2+ hours

  • 4 Modules: Theory, Interpretation, Technique, And Context

  • PDF for Scales Grade 1 - 5

  • 14-day money back guarantee

  • Works on all ukuleles, all tunings

  • Access to private MK Fingerstyle Academy FB group for feedback and peer support


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4 Modules Included In Your Membership

01 - Theory

Learn scales, melodic fragments, how to read notes, key signatures, scale degrees, whole and half steps, and more!

02 - Interpretation

Learn how to use the 5 elements of scales to make better interpretations based on the music sheet/tab alone!

03 - Technique

Learn proper right and left hand technique, legato, sustaining bass notes, alternating fingers, and articulation

04 - Context

Apply the knowledge learned in this course to real repertoire contexts and mirror these decisions in your own songs

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