Prep Grade 2.0

Master the basics of fingerstyle ukulele through 10 progressive pieces in the Prep-Grade category and graduate to Grade 1

  • Master 10 Prep-Grade songs in 12-weeks

  • 10 Songs provide a balance between Melodic and Arpeggio focused pieces to give you a rounded approach to learning fingerstyle technique, as well as deep dive lessons into more complicated techniques in a Prep-Grade context (easy)

  • Capstone project earns you a certificate of completion and graduate into Grade 1

  • Unlimited access to the course gives you flexibility on how to structure those weeks: do them in a row, add weeks if you're struggling, or speed up through it! your pace, your style of learning, your unique journey!

  • In depth tutorials for each piece diving deep into the melody, techniques required to play the song, as well as basic theory aspects

  • Pedagogically proven gamification elements ensure you're right on track, and always motivated to progress through the pieces without stalling

  • Network of support through quizzes, checkpoints, private contact with me, and private community group ensures you're not alone in this journey

  • Discounts on Gear and Software, access to private FB community group

  • Works on Low G, High G, and Baritone

  • Me rooting for you every step of the way

Coming Late October 2023

What our first students say about the course

“What a revelation! After one year learning ukulele and playing chords all by myself, I was feeling a bit bored and I wasn’t able to make much more progress. Then I found Mustafa’s offer, and I love it! In a little more than one month I was able to complete the Prep Grade, and I really feel like progressing again. I can play nice arrangement I didn’t think about just before! I just want to continue and get it better. I would definitely recommend subscribing to this course!”

4 Modules Included In Your Membership


Learn about the Romantic Period, Chopin, and how you can use this knowledge to interpret specific passages in the piece.

Form Analysis

Analyze the structure of the piece, Rondo form, Waltz Rhythm, Antecedent and Consequent phrases, and how it can impact your interpretation of the Waltz.

Harmonic Analysis

Complete bar by bar analysis of the harmony. Understand how this Waltz fits the Classical period and where it deviates to portray Romantic elements, and how you can make educated decisions on interpretation.

Technical Walkthrough

Complete bar by bar approach to fingerings and the different techniques you'll need to learn this piece. This section uses knowledge from the previous 3 modules to present a complete performer's guide to the Waltz

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