Capricho Arabe - Francisco Tarrega

For Low G and Baritone ukulele

Master the iconic Caprice

Learning an intermediate to advanced piece can seem like a daunting task. Indeed, for some, it can take two to three months to learn a single song, and in some cases, more than a year. This can be demotivating, especially if you're not able to play the piece after your hard work

Which is why I created this course to help you not only learn how to play the iconic and crowd-winner Capricho Arabe, but also to learn a frame work from which you then can master more intermediate and advanced pieces without the frustration of long project commitment, or giving up on a song

Divide and conquer

You will have access to two versions of Capricho Arabe: a Grade 5 version suitable for beginners to intermediate students, and a grade 8 piece for intermediate to advanced students.

We start learning these by dividing them into 13 different technical exercises that cover a range of techniques such as horizontal scales, vertical scales, position shifts, bar chords, block chords, hammer-ons and pull-offs, arpeggios, and harmonics.

We then, tackle the melody as a single layer. This will help us understand where the melodic ideas begin, end, and their direction. This is crucial for interpreting the music and not playing it 'flat'.

After we learn the technical requirements and understand how the music is structured, we add the accompaniment and bass layers to play the full fingerstyle arrangement

And yes, we do that process for both versions!

Why do it this way?

Dividing the piece into smaller exercises helps with maintaining focus, motivation, and achieve concrete steps towards a goal. It is much easier for your brain, and schedule!, to learn exercises 1 to 3 in one week, than to learn a whole piece in two months.

The exercises will also help you redirect your energy and practising time towards where it matters most. If you can play exercise 1 and 5, then you should probably not practice them!!

And last, this method helps with the number 1 obstacle students of all levels face: playing the piece from start to finish hoping it will one day click! which will of course make you really good at playing the first 4 bars, and can barely finish the piece!

What's include in the course?

Music Sheet

You'll get the music sheets to both versions in both standard notation and tab formats. These sheets come with complete fingerings. You also get the Guitar Pro files, as well as PDF for baritone ukulele

Exercises Module

Learn 13 technical exercises for both beginner and advanced versions that divide the piece into smaller chunks you can practice in short periods of time

Melody Layer

Isolate the melody and understand its motifs, their direction, how they relate to each other, and how to interpret the melody

Complete Walkthrough

Bar by bar approach to the complete fingerstyle arrangement with the accompaniment and bass layers added.


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